With property taxes rising year after year, taxpayers need to be aggressive in making sure their tax assessments reflect the true value of their real estate. Our Office helps taxpayers significantly save hundreds to thousands of dollars on their property tax bills. By filling out the form below, we will prepare a complimentary analysis of the assessed value of your property to determine whether you are paying more than your fair share!

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Chicago Property Tax Challenge offers a targeted approach to providing clients with the best possible outcome and refunds on real estate taxes. We’ll navigate the maze of the commercial property tax assessment system for you. We’ll handle the appeal process at County Assessors’ Offices, Boards of Review and in Illinois, at the state Property Tax Appeal Board. We work with you and help gather the documentation and evidence needed for successful appeals. We’re with you for the long-term providing ongoing client customer service support.


Let Chicago Property Tax Challenge help navigate the complex options and opportunities for real estate tax incentives and exemptions. Many factors are taken into consideration when filing an appeal and determining eligibility for various incentives and exemptions, including residential, commercial and industrial property rules and regulations.


One size does not fit all. There are several approaches to determine what is a fair assessment of your property and steps to correct the valuation. While assessors typically use a shotgun approach with their computer systems to determine property values throughout a county, we use a variety of approaches to most accurately calculate a property’s value from the variety of approaches of appraisals and using streamlined technology to working with real estate professionals – appraisers, surveyors, real estate agents, title companies, etc. Our mission is to ensure our clients do not pay more than their fair share of property taxes.


Properties can be consolidated for tax or legal purposes. Where portions of your property may be used for different purposes or are affected by differing conditions, a parcel division/consolidation may be part of a viable strategy to reduce your property tax liability. Let the Law Office of John Zapala, P.C. review your situation and guide you through the process.

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