About Us

ChicagoPropertyTaxChallenge.com / PropertyTax312.com, led by the Law Office of John Zapala, P.C., provides a variety of legal services, with a focus on Ad Valorem Real Estate Taxation. In addition to property tax challenges and appeals, the firm has been involved in numerous varieties of property tax challenges which have shaped how our client’s live and do business in Illinois.

The Law Office of John Zapala, P.C., has an impressive record of assisting clients in obtaining fair and equitable assessments. The firm represents clients throughout the Chicago area, including Cook County and the collar counties. Our Office provides experience in representing clients before county assessors, county and state boards of tax review and, when appropriate, in trial courts.

We thrive on providing each client with expertise in the field of real estate taxation and an exceptional level of individualized attention. Generally, our firm represents most property types, from single family residential homes to larger industrial and commercial properties including office complexes, shopping centers, hotels, warehouses, manufacturing plants, parking garages and banks.

Our Mission

Our mission is to competently, diligently, and zealously seek the result most advantageous to our clients, while maintaining honest and fair dealings, to ensure our clients pay no more than their fair share of property taxes.

How We Do It

We combine legal know-how, an expert team, and a constantly evolving data-driven approach to present the most accurate and aggressive evidence in support of your appeal.

Legal Know-How

The Office is led by Attorney John Zapala. Having an attorney on your side means you will not have to worry about the complexity and variety of rules and regulations affecting property tax appeals. At each stage of the appeal, an attorney leads your argument through the unique requirements of each Assessor, county board, State board, and court room.

Expert Team

Even the most complex case has a solution when managed by a team. Each case is unique and, when necessary, our office will provide you with the help of expert third-parties. We have developed excellent relationships with some of the best real estate experts in the state - from real estate agents, appraisers, surveyors, and others.

Data-Driven Technology

The best evidence depends on the best data. Where the county assessors depend on technology to make general assumptions about what properties are worth, our office uses similar technology to focus on the data specific to your property. By combining all available legal arguments, expert knowledge, and hard data, we represent you with a solid appeal and increase your odds of a favorable result.


Founder – John Zapala,


John Zapala earned his Juris Doctorate, as well as his Master of Business Administration, and Master of Science of Negotiation & Dispute Resolution, from Creighton University and the Werner Institute in 2009. He soon joined the private practice as in-house counsel, where he worked in a corporate setting. Mr. Zapala believed that in starting his own practice, he could be more effective in helping people deal with a variety of legal issues.

In 2010, Mr. Zapala founded the Law Office of John Zapala, P.C. Opening his own office has allowed Mr. Zapala to fully realize his passion for helping people at all levels of litigation and protection. His passion for business has helped many of his clients find great success with the operation and growth of their own companies.

Mr. Zapala is recognized as a skilled and adaptable attorney with expertise managing multi-faceted legal issues and related practices. His legal background is complimented by exposure to work with legal clinics, private in-house practice, and experience as an attorney in the Illinois House of Representatives. He is committed to providing expert legal counsel and services to support clients in achieving goals and objectives.

Mr. Zapala is active in several professional organizations including the American Bar Association, the Illinois State Bar Association, and the Chicago Bar Association. John treats every client with respect and integrity.