Chicago Property Tax Challenge is The Law Office of John Zapala, P.C., our laser-like focus is on Property Tax Law. We’re dedicated to achieving the best outcome for you. We are your best and most trustworthy legal resource bringing our experience and success to your side. The Law Office of John Zapala, P.C. is a real estate tax appeal firm working with owners, managers, and tenants of Multifamily, Commercial, and Industrial properties throughout Illinois, as well as homeowners in Cook County.

What Is a Property Tax Appeal?

In fact, technically, you're not really appealing your property taxes, but rather the appeal is about the assessed value of your property and building (as well as the business in certain instances), which is what your taxes are based upon. In truth, this is the only portion of the equation that you have any say in, or control. So this whole process is about making a case that the county's assessed value for your property and building is too high and there are two fundamental ways to approach this - you can either do it yourself or you can engage us to do it for you.

Is Appealing Property Taxes A Wise Decision?

Yes, you are doing the smart thing by looking into appealing your property tax assessment. Filing an appeal is a sound idea, but the process is purposely made to be tricky and full of pit falls for the inexperienced appeal filer. With changing laws in Springfield, new rules of the county assessors and the Boards of Review, and advancements in technology and property valuation – it has become more important than ever, for you as a property owner, to have professionals in the property tax field working for you. Contact us, The Law Office of John Zapala, P.C.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Tax Appeals

Even if you have appealed your residential assessment, and may have done so effectively, appealing a commercial or industrial property assessment on your own is loaded with difficulties. That’s because a commercial property tax appeal or an industrial property tax appeal is quite different from a residential one. There are strict and proper procedures to follow and harsh deadlines to meet. There is a need for experience with a clear understanding of all that qualifies.

The Law Office of John Zapala is a real estate tax appeal firm specializing in Commercial and Industrial properties. Our focus is real estate tax law. We are experienced and familiar with all of the procedures at the Assessor’s Office, the Board of Review, the Property Tax Appeal Board, and the circuit courts. We better your chances of the appeal going in your favor.

If a commercial or industrial property tax assessment appeal needs to go before the Cook County Board of Review, the law requires that an Illinois-licensed attorney present your case. Have property tax attorney, John Zapala, be on your side from the very beginning. Don’t try it yourself and then try to find someone who can, and will, pick it up in the middle. You’ll be glad you have the experience and qualifications of our office and Chicago Property Tax Challenge on your side, working for you. And you’ll have peace of mind, with a person working for you who informs you of your case in a clear and direct manner.

A commercial property tax appeal is quite different from a residential one. Don’t let yourself become like some commercial owners who appeal on their own, run into difficulties, and get in over their heads in a hurry. Commercial/Industrial property tax appeals are more complicated than residential ones. Chicago Property Tax Challenge and The Law Office of John Zapala, P.C. represent commercial and industrial clients throughout Illinois before the Cook County (and surrounding local counties’) Assessors and Boards of Review, the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board, and/or the local Circuit Court. Stop paying more taxes than you have to - quit paying more than your fair share! Property taxes are a serious expense. Contact us, The Law Office of John Zapala, P.C.

Why Take The Chicago Property Tax Challenge?

THE ODDS ARE STACKED AGAINST YOU! One of the most accurate ways to calculate a commercial property’s value is based on the Income Valuation Approach. Instead, most county assessors use “Comparables” to get a value of your property for their tax purposes. Taking three “comparable” properties (their choice of which three) which may not even be within a mile of your property’s location. Income, condition, circumstance, and even recent sales of some nearby properties may NOT be considered.

For you, the taxpayer, we definitely understand property taxes are a significant burden on your budget. After all, our office is located in downtown Chicago, across the street from the Daley Center Plaza and “The Picasso” statue.

We’ll navigate the maze of the commercial property tax assessment system for you. We’ll handle the appeal process at County Assessors’ Offices, Boards of Review and in Illinois, at the state Property Tax Appeal Board. We work with you and help gather the documentation and evidence needed for a successful appeal. We’re with you for the long-term providing ongoing client-customer service support.

How Much Will It Cost and How Much Will It Save?

We know, we sound ideal for you, but that can mean we sound expensive. We’re not expensive - actually quite the opposite. We take out the risk, all of it. Our promise: In the unlikely event that we are unable to successfully reduce your property tax assessment or find other ways to reduce your property tax liability - you won’t have to pay us. Not one single penny!

In a majority of cases, your property tax appeal will be prepared on a 100% contingent fee basis. YOU PAY NOTHING UNLESS YOUR PROPERTY TAX ASSESSMENT IS SUCCESSFULLY REDUCED or you’re saved money on your tax bill through other ways – i.e. exemptions, certificates of error, etc.

No up-front fee or retainer. No charging by the hour. No cost to just talk on the phone.

The Law Office of John Zapala only gets paid when we save you money!
The majority of our work is on a contingent fee basis. When we reduce your tax expense and put money in your pocket, we earn a small percentage of the fortune you’ve been saved.

What Is Included?

What you get…BEFORE you pay:

  • A professionally prepared Property Tax Appeal –
    Prepared by an attorney, at your service, under the rules of professional responsibility at a professional standard greater than that required by commercial property tax appeals companies and tax consultants -
  • Compilation of all forms, documents, and evidence on your behalf –
    All without having to leave your home to visit our office -
  • No need for you to appear at a hearing –
    We’ll appear for you, as your attorney - we’ll present the taxing boards with evidence and arguments to lower your property tax expense.
  • Instant knowledge and experience on your side –
    We’ll navigate the rules set by the County Assessor, Board of Review, the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board, and/or the Circuit Court for you
  • No hidden fees or Add-ons – A copy of your appeal – at no additional cost (some competitors charge $0.10 to $1 or more per page!).
  • Find out for FREE –
    How much you could be saving on your property taxes.
  • Before you hire us, we’ll perform a FREE analysis – taking a deep look at your property and specific situation, sorting out the unique market factors affecting your property, and expose what the county assessor may be overlooking in their favor!

How to Get Started

Let us take a look at the details of your property at NO COST OR OBLIGATION TO YOU…

Complimentary Property Tax Analysis – this is the first and most important step for you to take.

Chicago Property Tax Challenge - The Law Office of John Zapala, our laser-like focus is on Property Tax Law.

We promise to get to know your situation and how it measures up against codes, assessments, and appraisals to use to your advantage. We will utilize our vast experience to properly present your case.

Take the Property Tax Challenge or Contact Us today!